I'm a photographer based in New York City who specializes in architecture and the urban built environment. The city is always changing, and I'm fascinated by evidence of that rapid transformation, where new development sometimes awkwardly butts up against old. I try to capture that palimpsest of successive layers of our city's history in my work. 
When I'm not wandering around the city taking photos of buildings, I work as a foresight and innovation consultant, helping businesses prepare for the future. 
Previously, I spent over a decade in the publishing industry as a literary agent, helping authors share their books with the world, and this passion for storytelling has carried over into my own work as I document our ever-changing, yet constantly amazing, city. 
If you're interested in learning more about my love of New York City's idiosyncratic buildings (and hear me use the word 'palimpsest' in a sentence one more time), please check out this interview in All Cities Are Beautiful
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